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What We Can Learn from Hillary and Barack

Posted by | 10:20am on Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just like Barack,  you can use technology in marketing and "brand positioning" to spend less to greater effect. 

clinton-obama.jpgThere was a lot of backseat analysis this past week about the different styles of campaigning between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Hillary used a more traditional top down approach to managing her “message” with the voters. The Obama camp worked from the ground up to adopt a grass roots approach that set the stage in each state before he got there to campaign. He used the web and social networking in particular to great effect.

Time Magazine observed:

Obama’s Chicago headquarters made technology its running mate from the start. That wasn’t just for fund-raising: in state after state, the campaign turned over its voter lists—normally a closely guarded crown jewel—to volunteers, who used their own laptops and the unlimited night and weekend minutes of their cell-phone plans to contact every name and populate a political organization from the ground up. “The tools were there, and they built it,” says Joe Trippi, who ran Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign. “In a lot of ways, the Dean campaign was like the Wright brothers. Four years later, we’re watching the Apollo project.”

So, what can we as Phama marketers learn from this? First, it turns out that marketing for drug therapies has a lot in common with marketing for a political candidate. This is especially true when you are talking about niche markets treating chronic disease states. There is the brand reputation, a community aspect, and the fact that the “voting” or “purchasing” is hard to count ahead of time (although you can use IMS data to “poll” drug or therapy choices). Finally, privacy laws make it appropriately difficult for the “marketers” to find out who the “purchasers” are.

So, through transparency and the utilization of your viral marketing capabilities you can build a community around strong ideas.  Just like Barack,  you can use technology in marketing and “brand positioning” to spend less to greater effect.

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