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What Makes a Good Relationship Online?

Posted by | 12:16pm on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

handshake II by Álvaro CanivellToday’s healthcare organizations are marketing at the intersection of 3 powerful forces: changes in healthcare, changes in communication channels, and changes in how we construct knowledge. It’s a time of great challenge. With so many competitors for your audience, the cost of missed opportunities can run high. But it’s also a time of great opportunity that can enable you to develop relationships and move your organization to new levels.

Healthcare marketers have always understood the value of relationship. This hasn’t changed, but how you build those relationships has changed and nowhere is relationship more critical than in caring for those with chronic diseases.

If being in a relationship means “mutual engagement,” what are the basic building blocks and how do these get translated online?   Here are a few  ideas that seem obvious:

  • Trust is always critical online, but it is especially important when it comes to people’s lives and health, as we’ve previously discussed.
  • Listening is important if you want to be found through online search, and it’s even more important in keeping the relationship going once your audience finds you.

What are other attributes of good relationship that apply online ? (Here’s a few ideas to get you going and to expand upon … integrity, accountability, responsiveness, community, sharing…)

handshake II photo by Álvaro Canivell

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