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What Does Twitter Have to do With Pharma?

Posted by | 10:16pm on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are you scratching your head wondering why a busy pharmaceutical marketing professional would spend time on Twitter? One reason: Tweetchats, which are conversations, held at a pre-arranged time on Twitter. Typically Tweetchats are around a specific area of interest. Every Wednesday I moderate a conversation about pharma marketing and social media. To access this Tweetchat, you use the hashtag #SocPharm.

To learn about hashtags, how to join a Tweetchat and accessing Twitter on your phone, see my previous post.

Live #SocPharm Tweetchat on 10/20
The first live #SocPharm Tweetchat will be held at the Digital Pharma East conference on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 11:30 am EST. This special #SocPharm tweetchat will pose topical questions and responses will come from both the real-life audience and the global Twitter crowd.  This interactive conversation will be fast, fun and free flowing.

This session will be an introduction for people new to Twitter as well as relevant to veteran tweeters. It will be an opportunity to share your opinion on hot topics and learn what others (in-person and online) have to say. Brad Pendergraph, Manager, Multi-Channel Marketing at Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Joan Mikardos, Senior Director, Business Innovation at sanofi-aventis will join me as moderators.

If you’re wondering why people are buzzing about Twitter, be sure to take part – whether virtually or in real life.

And I’ll also be live tweeting the conference using their hashtag #digpharm.

This post was contributed by Eileen O’Brien, Director of Search & Innovation for Siren Interactive. You can connect with her on Twitter at @eileenobrien.

(Image courtesy of Christopher Carfi on Flickr)

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Eileen has more than 16 years of digital healthcare marketing experience. She is an opinion leader on social media and biopharma, and has been invited to speak at industry conferences and quoted in publications.

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