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What Do Physicians Want Online?

Posted by | 1:45pm on Monday, August 30, 2010

Pharma support and pharmaceutical sites also did well, reaching 51% and 50% of physicians 

Four out of five U.S. physicians online visited sites for healthcare professionals (HCPs) in the first quarter of 2010 according to a comScore and ImpactRx study.

General health content sites (such as WebMD.com) attracted 75% of physicians, while professional association sites reached 67%. Pharma support and pharmaceutical sites also did well, reaching 51% and 50% of physicians respectively. According to this research, social media sites came in the middle at a solid 40%.

The data is interesting because, according to the press release, it comes from: “a unique digital measurement solution that measures physicians’ actual online and mobile behaviors.”

Content is King
Almost half of physicians’ overall time was spent on these HCP focused content sites. This supports other research that shows physicians want clinical content. Strong engagement also happened at pharma support sites (8% share of total minutes, 11% share of visits).

comScore chart

This data reminds us of the importance of offering physicians online information about brands and support programs, and the opportunities for engaging in social communities.

This post was contributed by Eileen O’Brien, Director of Search & Innovation for Siren Interactive. You can connect with her on Twitter at @eileenobrien.

(Image courtesy of southerntabitha on Flickr)

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Eileen has more than 16 years of digital healthcare marketing experience. She is an opinion leader on social media and biopharma, and has been invited to speak at industry conferences and quoted in publications.

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  • http://HealthcarePromotions.co.uk James Morgan

    With there being so many differnt HCP websites covering a vast range of conditions it must be difficult from them to a) remember the websites and b) find them in the first place, which was the main reason behind us creating HealthcarePromotions.co.uk

    By listing all the useful resources in one place it makes the clinicians life a little easier as they don’t have to rely on search engines to stumble on useful HCP websites.

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  • http://twitter.com/MedicalMarcom JoeHage

    Ellen, do you plan to update this very helpful article with new statistics?

    Joe Hage

    • http://twitter.com/eileenobrien Eileen O’Brien


      I’m glad you like it and thanks for your comment. I’m always paying attention to this topic and as more data becomes available will certainly blog about it.

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