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The First Pharma Tweetchat

Posted by | 10:53am on Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tweetchats are an excellent way to get introduced to Twitter 

Tonight – January 6, 2010 – I’ll be leading the first tweetchat dedicated to pharma marketing. While there are social media chats and healthcare chats on Twitter, there is nothing specific to pharma.

What’s a tweetchat?
As you might gather from the name, it’s a chat that takes place on Twitter. At a designated day and time people go on Twitter to talk about a particular topic. Usually the chats are moderated by someone who leads with introductions and questions for discussion. To allow people to follow the chat there is a designated hashtag (#).

Tweetchats are a great way to learn what others have to say, share your opinion and meet other tweeters interested in similar issues.

Don’t have a Twitter account? You don’t need one!
Tweetchats are an excellent way to get introduced to Twitter since you don’t even need to have an account. Simply go to http://twitter.com and in the search box type the appropriate hashtag.  To follow along January 6 at 8 pm EST, type #SocPharm. You’ll then see the conversation unfold.

I encourage you to sign in for a free Twitter account and take part.  If you want tips on how to use Twitter, take a look at this presentation or tweet me @eileenobrien, I’m happy to help.

#SocPharm every Wednesday at 8 pm EST
If you can’t make it this Wednesday, catch us next week. Transcripts will also be posted on the Social Pharmer community, which is a resource for pharma marketers. If you are interested in overall healthcare marketing check out the tweetchat #HCSM on Sundays at 8 pm CST, and for a European focus follow #HCSMEU on Fridays at 1 pm CET.

This post was contributed by Eileen O’Brien, Director of Search & Innovation for Siren Interactive.

(Image courtesy of Rodrigo Senna via Flickr)

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Eileen has more than 16 years of digital healthcare marketing experience. She is an opinion leader on social media and biopharma, and has been invited to speak at industry conferences and quoted in publications.

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  • http://www.pharma2blog.com Bunny Ellerin

    Great job last night Eileen. I literally stumbled upon it and thought it was interesting as well as informative. Kudos!

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