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Branding Benefit of the New Twitter Profile Page

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adopt the new Twitter profile page format 

Twitter recently announced and is slowly launching a new profile page to all Twitter users. As a personal user, the change is a bit ho-hum and not all that meaningful. However, from a business or brand perspective, the change is a little more interesting. The reality is that most people spend significantly more time viewing their Twitter stream than a personal or business profile page.

When someone is researching a brand or business, that brand has only a few seconds to create a meaningful impression so that the person will want to continue engaging with the brand.

The new Twitter profile page showcases a larger cover photo (up to 1,500 x 1,500 pixels) which can more clearly illustrate your brand’s look and feel. The profile picture is also larger at 400 x 400 pixels. Read More


Is it Time to Consider Advertising on Twitter?

Twitter is still trying to figure out its business model and how to turn a profit.  But they have begun…

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2 candles in a birthday cake

#SocPharm Tweetchat Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

I’m pleased to announce the biopharmaceutical marketing and social media tweetchat, #SocPharm, celebrated its second anniversary. If you aren’t familiar…


Pharma Marketing Tweetchat Celebrates 1st Anniversary

I’m proud to say it’s been a year since the first pharmaceutical marketing and social media tweetchat, #SocPharm. The #SocPharm…



What Does Twitter Have to do With Pharma?

Are you scratching your head wondering why a busy pharmaceutical marketing professional would spend time on Twitter? One reason: Tweetchats,…


Join the Social Pharma Conversation

Tweetchats are conversations, held at a pre-arranged time on Twitter. Typically Tweetchats are around a specific area of interest. Every Wednesday I moderate a conversation about pharma marketing and social media which you can listen to – or you can join in the discussion. To access this Tweetchat, you use the hashtag #SocPharm.

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McNeil Uses Social Media to Address Tylenol Recall

Once again, J&J has turned to social media. Needing to communicate about a recent recall of Tylenol and other medications,…

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In Real Life

Last night I attended #140Conf Philly Meetup. Translation: I went to a free event in Philadelphia about the power of…



The First Pharma Tweetchat

Tonight – January 6, 2010 – I’ll be leading the first tweetchat dedicated to pharma marketing. While there are social…


The Digital Pharma Revolution Was Definitely Twitterized!

Okay, so I appropriated that line from someone on Twitter who, probably unknowingly, mangled the great ’70s spoken word artist…


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