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Pinterest: Pros and Cons for Pharma

Posted by | 11:08am on Thursday, December 6, 2012 | No Comments
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The big issue for pharma is when an item is pinned, it enables comments. 

Since I first wrote about Pinterest the site has continued to garner headlines for its growth and new offerings. If you aren’t familiar with the social network Pinterest, it’s a “virtual pinboard.” It allows users to organize and share Internet content (typically images) by pinning it to virtual boards. Accounts can be linked to Facebook and Twitter to share Pinterest activity via these social networks.

The demographics have stayed consistent–it skews heavily to females age 25-34 in the Midwest. About 2/3 of users are women, and half have children. It’s the sixth most popular social network, with 27M unique visitors per Nielsen.

Business accounts
Since thousands of businesses were using Pinterest, the company recently launched business accounts. This allows a business to create an account with their name (rather than using a first and last name) and custom URL. The main difference is a longer terms of use document and the ability to verify the profile via a website. Pinterest offers badges and widgets to use on a site to promote pages. They also provide case studies of retailers, such as Whole Foods, who are using the site effectively. It’s easy to convert an existing account into a business account.

Copyright concerns
As before, the account owner (whether business or personal) is responsible for the content posted to Pinterest and for following copyright laws. Both versions of the terms of use clearly put the copyright responsibility on the users. This means that a business should only use images that they have licensed for unlimited Internet use.
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