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Using Games as a Teaching Mechanism

Posted by | 11:25am on Friday, April 3, 2009 | 1 Comment

This same type of learning can be applied to other complex ideas like what a disease does to the body or how a drug works inside the body. 

Kyle Crumrine, senior web designer at Siren Interactive, contributes this post:

Teaching people with a chronic disease about exactly what is happening inside their bodies has always been a difficult task. Describing a disease with text or even with pictures and diagrams can be complicated and difficult to understand. Even video and 3d animation can be tough to follow and confusing. One way to combat this obstacle is to structure the way that the information is delivered. Rather than it being a passive experience where the user’s attention could fade or wander, an interactive learning experience that forces fixed attention in order to achieve objectives is a much more effective and engaging option.
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