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What Matters To Your Patients?

Posted by | 2:41pm on Thursday, July 16, 2009 | 1 Comment

What matters today may not be what mattered last month, last year, or next year.  

Health 2.0 is a conversation. Which means that talking can only get you so far.  If you want to be a good online conversationalist, you also have to listen.

Social media, in general, attracts  far more listeners than speakers . As a rule of thumb, you can assume that for every  person who posts, 5 will reply and 95 will listen to the conversation without participating.

This isn’t a bad ratio to adopt for your own participation in social media. Spend 95% of your time listening and the 5% of your time that you spend talking will include thoughts that are really worthwhile, because you will be addressing patients’ real needs and concerns. Read More

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