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Inspiration from the HBA Woman of the Year

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We are still leading from the foot of the table, not the seats of power 

The Woman of the Year event hosted by the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) always leaves me feeling empowered, and this year was no different.

Mike Kaufmann, 2012 Honorable Mentor, told the packed room that it’s important to get men involved in women’s initiatives in the workplace. He also said that he was given the biggest break in his career from a woman who was willing to take a chance on him. Carolyn Buck Luce was honored as Woman of the Year and gave an inspiring speech. I’ve pulled a few highlights but you can also read the whole speech.

Buck Luce noted that it’s an exciting time in the pharmaceutical industry “as we move from focusing on what we make to whom we serve.” She discussed the progress that women have made in business and the changes still to be made. “Regardless of our numbers in the ranks, the progress of getting women to the top has stalled and we still make up only a minority of leadership in all public and private sectors. We are still leading from the foot of the table, not the seats of power.”

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