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More Robust Facebook Behavioral Targeting

Posted by | 11:05am on Friday, September 25, 2015 | No Comments
Facebook Stickers

There’s a lot more going on these days on Facebook than the ability to dislike a status update.  Facebook recently announced that it was adding functionality to Facebook pages to encourage e-commerce and to improve the user experience on mobile devices.

Mobile Page Sections

One of the biggest updates is arguably the addition of sections on the mobile app which helps with navigation by making it faster.  This is interesting as custom tabs are still used today for Facebook pages but are not typically compatible with mobile app browsing.  These sections may end up replacing the current tabs on the desktop version of Facebook down the road.  Only time (and Mark Zuckerberg) will tell…

Facebook Ad Targeting Update

Facebook has been capturing data on websites that leverage the “Like” and “Share” buttons for some time now.  For example, if you visit a website (off Facebook) about parenting or a specific rare disease and then “Like” or “Share” that page using the Facebook buttons, Facebook could add that interest to your Facebook profile even though you may not have visited a parenting Facebook page or a page related to that rare disease.  However, that information has not been used for ad targeting until now…or rather next month (October 2015).  

From an advertising perspective, this means better, more robust targeting.  Although Facebook users in the US spend an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook, Facebook is still its own ecosystem.  Being able to include a user’s interests when not on Facebook just means much more accurate targeting which is better for the advertisers and users alike.

However, some users will inevitably claim it’s an infringement on their privacy.  For those people, Facebook has made it easier to opt-out of targeting based on non-Facebook activity.  It should be noted that those users will still receive ads on Facebook but they will most likely be less targeted.  From an advertiser’s perspective, if those users are inclined to opt-out of more targeted ads, the user probably wouldn’t be the most receptive to a targeted marketing message anyway.  So by opting out, that user has effectively enabled the advertiser to target more qualified people who meet their respective targeting criteria.


Any time there’s a change on Facebook there tends to be some backlash from the general public.  But from a business and digital marketing perspective, more data leading to better targeting resulting in more relevant advertising truly is a win for advertisers and Facebook users alike.

Siren Interactive will continue to bring you updates to Facebook, interactive marketing, and social media marketing as new changes and tools become available.

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