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What Do You Think Makes a Successful Pharmaceutical Blog?

Posted by | 7:28pm on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | No Comments

the Pfizer blog appears more authentic, where the others often come across as carefully crafted PR vehicles 

The other day I completed a survey evaluating pharmaceutical blogs, which got me thinking about the space. The questionnaire, from Andrew Spong, was difficult to answer because it asked about the success of these sites. While we can make assumptions, it’s hard to judge these blogs without knowing the intent, the traffic and how the creators are defining success. We also don’t know how much time and resources are invested.

In February, I wrote about the lack of comments to GSK’s More Than Medicine and they responded with a post indicating they are pleased with the blog. The GSK blog addresses interesting topics and is frequently updated, so I was surprised that it hadn’t generated more engagement in the form of comments.
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