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#SocPharm Tweetchat Transcript 11/24/2010

Posted by | 8:01pm on Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EileenOBrien Anybody interested in talking about pharma marketing & social media tonight? I’m starting #socpharm if anyone is out there!

EileenOBrien We’ll assume that all tweets within #socpharm are your own and not your employers (unless you specifically declare them).

EileenOBrien I’m Eileen, work for Siren Interactive where we focus on #raredisease therapies & I’m passionate about using digital for health. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Was the #socpharm chat moved this week? Thanks, I am just looking now to add it to my schedule.

EileenOBrien @ No #socpharm chat is always Wed nights from 8-9 pm EST. Not sure anyone else isn’t cooking, shopping or traveling 2night tho!

GailZahtz For the next hour, I’ll be chatting from the #socpharm health chat, which is in fact open to talking about pharma marketing & #sm #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Hi Gail & welcome! Any particular topic you’d like to talk about tonight? #socpharm

GailZahtz I don’t think we’ve met yet. I have done health communications, now doing #hcsm- also pt, wife of dr, mom of mentally ill pt #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ I don’t think we have. Nice to “virtually” meet you! #socpharm

EileenOBrien T1 Consumer “watchdogs” ask FTC to investigate pharma online advertising http //bit.ly/e1y4TU thoughts? #socpharm

GailZahtz I’m interested in how pharm companies are allowed to advertise, promote and participate on #sm with the new offline regulations. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ When you say “new offline regulations” what are you referring to? #socpharm

GailZahtz We picked the same topic area! Offline regs- thinking of how pharm companies can’t now give doctor’s gifts, can’t have reps, etc. #socpharm

EileenOBrien T1 Just reading thro 144 page report & they listed #epatcon agenda as ex of marketing techniques. Did u see that @? #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ pharma companies can still have sales reps & gifts varies by state. #socpharm

GailZahtz T1- Scanning that it looks like they want specific regs that don’t currently exist for #HCSM for pharm companies yes? #socpharm

GailZahtz In the past year, I know that pharma companies were pulled back from previous allowed promotion- is that state only? No national? #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Would appear the groups don’t want pharma to use the web to market to consumers or physicians at all #socpharm

EileenOBrien T1 My issue is that when pharma goes away it leaves vacuum for holistic “cures” & illegal drug sites. #socpharm

GailZahtz Is there a group of association that would be fighting possible new regulations? #socpharm

GailZahtz RT @ T1 My issue is that when pharma goes away it leaves vacuum for holistic “cures” & illegal drug sites <=agreed #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Different states have legislated different things regarding gifts to physicians, no federal law. #socpharm

GailZahtz T1- also, pharm companies provide a tremendous opportunity to sponsor and work with doctors directly to have trusted health online #socpharm

GailZahtz But the state legislations have also affected pharm companies at national and international events even with no federal law. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ I agree, wholeheartedly. It’s what I do for a living, besides it’s my passion! #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ True. I read at a physician assoc event, a pharma booth had sign that said docs from MN couldn’t have the coffee! #socpharm

GailZahtz Then isn’t it lucky we had a small group to meet! RT @ @ I agree wholeheartedly It’s what I do & my passion! #socpharm

GailZahtz @ LOL. Well, that’s because a cup of coffee is going to affect trained and ethical physicians- ridiculous! #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ MN and MA both banned physician goodies #socpharm

GailZahtz @ The whole DC metro area has been affected- not sure if it’s only DC or MD and/or VA also @ #socpharm

EileenOBrien What’s interesting is many academic med ctrs banning sales reps seeing the docs. That’s got to hurt #socpharm

GailZahtz The question is- it would be a catastrophe if pharm companies were banned online- how could we help prevent it? #socpharm

GailZahtz The academic med ctrs are banning out of fear of these floating questions of regs. And it’s working backwards instead… #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ It will never happen. Pandora’s box has been opened & pharma plays an essential role. #socpharm

heldincontempt @ More of them are making the reps jump through hoops (paperwork/vax/fees) than are banning them. Want samples. #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ interestingly it is originally was an honour system, but lately noticed some pharma booths scan badges #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Aha! They always want those samples & some true education. #socpharm

heldincontempt @ It just means that cos. do more paperwork WRT background checks, drug screens, etc. and pay more fees to keep access.#socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Have you read the consumer “watchdog” report to FTC & pharma interactive marketing? #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ also heard from reps this month that now access is often only via lunches, so access is limited #socpharm

heldincontempt @ I skimmed it this morning — need to read it more in depth but am up to eyeballs in turducken and pie. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ I think pharm companies and med centers are erring on caution out of fear. It costs more to host dinners @ #socpharm

heldincontempt @ That’s definitely true and they must be scheduled months in advance and for the entire office. Free food grabs. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ I’m SO happy I just have to show up w/cheese platter & liquor! Turducken is ambitious, you Ina Gartner you! #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Do you think as @ that it will amount to nothing and we don’t need to actively fight the idea? #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ in oncology there aren’t many brands doing samples but practices/groups like food ) #socpharm

heldincontempt @ Not hardly. Hoping I don’t ruin it! It came pre-stuffed from cajungrocer.com. I’ll make sure there’s plenty of wine!#socpharm

heldincontempt @ I’m sorry, fight which idea? I jumped into this convo in the middle. #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ no not dinners, catered lunches ie the sarnie tray and sodas. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ The idea in the piece that there would be new regulations banning pharm companies from online sponsorship, etc. #socpharm

heldincontempt @ It’s interesting, though – starting to get offices asking for letters saying we don’t report spend in their state. #socpharm

EileenOBrien Will it become badge of honor for @ @ @ to be quoted in “watchdog” report? http //bit.ly/hNRRpM #socpharm

heldincontempt @ Obviously that will change in January 2012 when we have to start tracking spend on HCPs for Sunshine. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ LOL on the sarnie tray. But the dr’s do want the education too. I’ve heard complaints from residents #socpharm

MaverickNY @ that’s v true. often with 4-5 reps per company on different drugs, you’re competing against your own colleagues #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Yes, it will be a whole new era of transparency. #socpharm

ddwebster #socpharm Hi, all….been a long time. As a former, recent rep, best access is almost always via lunch/breakfast for staff, not HCP, bene

heldincontempt @ I agree with @ -think there are bigger fish to fry and think FDA will focus on content of actual promotion. #socpharm

GailZahtz Is there a list somewhere of the state-by-state regs? #socpharm

heldincontempt @ Hi Dana! Nice to see you. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Hi Dana! How’s the new job? #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Hi Dana. I’m new here, and got lucky the group’s small and am getting to meet everyone! #socpharm

thjacobellis Jumping in here – I do PR for small hosp in large NY system. Told today we are not allowed to accept even a pen from any vendor #socpharm

LeighFazzina #socpharm hi all. I’m late too. Leigh from Philly here. Happy thxgiving. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Welcome! Are the sales reps allowed on the campus to meet w/people if they don’t bring gifts? #socpharm

MaverickNY @ I would hope they want education but that wasn’t my experience w/ sales reps. Residents grabbed the food and dashed #socpharm

thjacobellis @ Yes, reps may meet with docs but cannot bring food, gifts, premiums of any kind. Same for other vendors #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Is the no pen from vendors rule at the hospital because of regulations specific to NY? #socpharm

MaverickNY @ agree with @ @ FDA have bigger fish to fry/problems to solve #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Yeah like how to handle the regulation of iPhone apps that are medical devices! Or even keep up w/current workload #socpharm

thjacobellis @ Rules now more stringent b/c we recently aligned w/a med school – policies on industry sponsored gifts are stricter #socpharm

MaverickNY @ yo Dana! Long time no see! #socpharm

EileenOBrien I think the idea is that overall hospitals are worried that physicians are even subliminally influenced by pharma gifts #socpharm

LeighFazzina Wow. RT @ I do PR for small hosp in large NY system. Told today were not allowed 2 accept even a pen from any vendor #socpharm

EileenOBrien Forgot about that! RT @ @ I think that is true of all States since PHrMA banned chotchkes in Jan this year #socpharm

EileenOBrien That’s what I get since I focus on interactive ) #socpharm

GailZahtz @ If rules affected hosp because of merger with med school- that’ll grow- more hosps are aligning with school systems #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ raised question last night do we see pharma companies focusing on internal SM policies? Like Pfizer’s Playbook? #socpharm

heldincontempt @ Yeah, only educational items or items for use in a pt’s treatment. Hate to think HCP would rx based on pens, though. #socpharm

thjacobellis And no gift rule applies to all employees, not just prescribing docs #socpharm

MaverickNY @ at every cancer meeting I’ve been to in US in 2010 no chokches at all, only educational stuff and coffee #socpharm

thjacobellis @ @ Honestly, now checking to see if my pen is compliant! #socpharm

EileenOBrien LOL! RT @ @ @ Honestly, now checking to see if my pen is compliant! #socpharm

GailZahtz Then with all of the rules getting more strict even without regs, it seems online is the next big field. What do people think? #socpharm

heldincontempt @ @ Laughing over here. We have black box prods so always had to bag pens with PIs. So expensive. #socpharm

ddwebster #socpharm Hi, everyone! New job is great. Learned I know a lot less about pharma than I thought. Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL!

EileenOBrien @ Can you explain the Pfizer Playbook? #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ hated chotchkes as a marketing person, waste of money and no impact anyway. Better doing education #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ But isn’t the first step acknowledging that you don’t know everything? You’ll be great #socpharm

LeighFazzina @ thx for mentioning this. I’m seeing more and more of the internal social media policy building. R u all? #socpharm

ddwebster @ Absolutely! Thought I had a good grip on the industry.-learned quickly, it’s just a scratch on the surface! ) #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ @ oh boy, yes the bagged pens are not missed. Do miss USB keys though #socpharm

GailZahtz @ @ @ Because the doc will be writing for one med and look at pen and change his/her mind? ) #socpharm

EileenOBrien .@Roche_com publically releasing their SM guidelines was hopefully incentives to other pharmacos to do same #socpharm

heldincontempt @ I still get the USB keys from vendors looking for my business. ;) #socpharm

ddwebster #socpharm 1/09 PhRMA updates were peception based-could spend $800/office for lunch but couldn’t spend $30 for 1 1 lunch w/NP in office

thjacobellis @ @ @ Most likely outcome – sales of bic pens to skyrocket! #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ @ @ I don’t believe any Dr was ever persuaded to Rx based on pen or post-it #socpharm

LeighFazzina @ Pfizer developed a “playbook” which they admit taking the idea from #Kodak. Its a set of SM guidelines #socpharm

MaverickNY @ oooh! *wonders which ones as needs a new key* #socpharm

ddwebster @ That’s what I LOVE about this industry-always an intellectual challenge #socpharm

LeighFazzina This playbook set guidelines on what can be done in the SM space and what their SM rules are. Its to educate all Pfizer staff. #socpharm

heldincontempt @ Never a dull moment, that’s for sure! Learning a ton about system architecture as we gear up for Sunshine. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ @ Where did Pfizer post this playbook for the public? #socpharm

LeighFazzina Pfizer has put a lot of focus into developing the Playbook and educating staff on what SM is all about. Makes good sense to me. #socpharm

heldincontempt RT @ Pfizer has put focus into developing Playbook and educating staff on what SM is about. Makes good sense to me. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ You can find @ sm guidelines on their website http //bit.ly/hGu6I6 #socpharm

ddwebster @ I can promise none of my MDs, when in the field, were ever swayed by a pen or any other give-away #socpharm

EileenOBrien RT @ @ europe isn’t too far behind the no tchotkies rule seen that EMA is reviewing #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ So that’s why u get ur badge zapped in coffee line at exhibits – it will get declared as a nominal cost #socpharm

GailZahtz TY! RT @ @ You can find @ sm guidelines on their website http //bit.ly/hGu6I6 #socpharm

heldincontempt @ And the UK’s PMCPA just announced much-strengthened code of conduct for reps. #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Has Pfizer publically released their Playbook? I’d love to see it. #socpharm

LeighFazzina @ they haven’t posted it, but @ has been talkin about it at conferences. Heard her at #blogwell interesting. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Nice to meet you too! This is my first time and I’m loving the conversation at #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ yes EMEA is reviewing but this year at EHA & ESMO lots of goodies (no flashkeys sadly) #socpharm

heldincontempt @ Sorry, that’s ABPI code of conduct, but avail at PMCPA website http //bit.ly/eI1hC1 #socpharm

GailZahtz @ @ Sorry, so have they posted it or not? Is @ sharing from the conferences? #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ I’ll give you a Siren one next time I see you!! #socpharm

MaverickNY @ I’m glad, that was my impression as a sales rep years ago in UK too #socpharm

ddwebster @ we were discussing “self-policing” earlier this week for HCPs in MA/MN. Will be interesting to see how many comply #socpharm

LeighFazzina @ No. Pfizer has not posted their Playbook. Perhaps @ can offer more. Interesting and smart – their focus. #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Have to meet this @ phantom! ))) #socpharm

LeighFazzina No. Let’s ask @. Kate? RT @ @ Has Pfizer publicly released their Playbook? I’d love to see it. #socpharm

heldincontempt @ In my experience, MN HCPs don’t do any self-policing. MN is tricky bc also inc MN-lic HCPs who practice elsewhere. #socpharm

EileenOBrien She’s no phantom, we grew up in Rochest NY together! RT @ @ Have to meet this @ phantom! } #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Do you think MA and/or MN are going to come down on their own policies to transfer to online co’s based there? #socpharm

MaverickNY @ it was interesting that ive seen docs from MA/MN suddenly leave a coffee line when a scanner appeared #socpharm

LeighFazzina Haha. She leads the digital at #Pfizer. RT @ @ Have to meet this @ phantom! ))) #socpharm

ddwebster @ Agreed. Lines are blurry. Rep friends in MN say few HCPs support legislation-thus looking for loopholes #socpharm

EileenOBrien Wow it’s already 9 pm! Thanks everyone for a great #socpharm discussion. I’ll tweet when I post the transcript. Happy Turkey Day all!

thjacobellis any thoughts on today’s 144 page FTC complant re online marketing practices? #socpharm

LeighFazzina @ Snap! Small world indeed. #socpharm

heldincontempt @ We’ve heard that Deval Patrick may lift out-of-office meal ban in MA (thus allowing dinner progs) but who knows? #socpharm

ddwebster @ Exactly! I am, however, amazed that people at med conventions will take anything not nailed to the table #socpharm

MaverickNY @ totally agree on self policing or lack of it from what I’ve seen at meetings – they grumble!! #socpharm

GailZahtz @ Thank you so much. It was a tremendously useful chat! I hope to make it part of my circuit ) #socpharm

EileenOBrien @ Still getting through the 144 pages, but it’s so over the top that it comes across as unreasonable. #socpharm

ddwebster @ Good question. Not sure I know enough background info to really have an opinion on that one #socpharm

heldincontempt @ @ @ @ @ @ Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! #socpharm

GailZahtz Jumping to another chat- hope to get to know all of you better! Happy Thanksgiving to all. #socpharm

thjacobellis Nice to chat with you all. Happy Thanksgiving! #socpharm

ddwebster Happiest Thanksgiving wishes all! @ @ @ @ @ @ @ #socpharm

LeighFazzina ) RT @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! #socpharm

MaverickNY @ @ @ @ @ @ happy Thanksgiving ladies! #socpharm

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