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Posted by | 10:14am on Monday, January 28, 2008

Here are some examples of sites that are using the internet to greatly improve communication. 

Examples of how the web is changing healthcare practices abound. Here are some examples of sites that are using the internet to greatly improve communication. And by improving communication, start down the road to improving outcomes.

NursesRateDoctors.com: With the motto, “Spread the word; improve the care,” this site recruits nurses to give their candid assessment of doctors so that patients can have better information and make choices to get quality care.

DailyStrength.org: Gives patients and caregivers a place to join a support community, write a journal, share videos, and send virtual support with “hugs” and “flowers.”

ReliefInSite.com: Helps patients record and track their pain and medications and share it with their doctors, nurses, pain specialists, therapists, friends and family members.

OrganizedWisdom.com: The goal of this site is “to provide the best search service in the world for health by hand-crafting search results that physicians and consumers will recommend to their family and friends.” OrganizedWisdom aligns doctor-reviewed and user-generated health content to help people make decisions regarding treatment and care.

PatientsLikeMe.com: A platform for collecting and sharing real world, outcome-based patient data. The creators are working to establish data-sharing partnerships with doctors, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, research organizations, and non-profits. This site offers people battling devastating diseases the ability to discuss and track in great detail the treatment options other patients in their disease group are trying.

ICYou.com: Defines itself as a site dedicated to making it simple for anyone to find, upload, watch and share healthcare videos worldwide. Dubbed the YouTube of health care, ICYou.com allows patients to share their stories through online video clips. The site, which is expected to formally launch late this year or early next, already has about 1,500 posted videos.

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