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Say Hello to Doctor Digital Omnivore

Posted by | 1:55pm on Monday, August 19, 2013

Mobile has become the primary screen for proactive information seeking 

In a recent post, How Caregivers are Different Than Other Health Seekers, we noted that caregivers are more likely to use mobile than other health seekers, according to Pew research.  So it should come as no surprise that the doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who provide our care are power users of mobile, too.

In fact, the only real surprise here is just how striking this trend is.  According to Epocrates’ 2013 Mobile Trends Report:

      • 4 in 5 of the healthcare providers surveyed use smartphones every day
      • More than half of physicians use tablets every day
      • By next year, 9 in 10 healthcare providers will use smartphones
      • 82% of those surveyed expected to use all 3 digital platforms within the next 12 months

Multi-Screen with a Preference for Mobile
Meet Dr. Digital Omnivore, the three-screen user whose ranks are up 68% from last year. Dr. Omnivore uses computers at about the same rate as other healthcare professionals, but is more likely to rely on a mobile device to go online, whether it’s to search for information, read journal materials, order samples, visit manufacturer’s websites, or  read email.

What It Means to You
According to the Epocrates study, “Mobile has become the primary screen for proactive information seeking and exchange across clinician segments.” Which means that if you want to reach doctors, nurse practitioners or physicians’ assistants, optimizing for mobile only makes sense.  Efficient navigation, quick loading images, and content that is minimal enough to be effective will make your online resource a useful and informative experience for clinicians who don’t have time to waste.

Digital healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace and healthcare providers are looking for resources that are easy to integrate with their mobile preferences and needs. Make sure you are there to meet them where they live.

Image courtesy of  Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr



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