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Relevance Reaps Rewards

Posted by | 9:56am on Monday, November 15, 2010

Continuous Relationship Marketing allows you to build effective communication programs by using the data you gather.  Once you build your customer list, and you know them through their responses and behaviors, you can target your messaging.

Recently, I was interviewed for Right On Interactive’s podcast series, The Marketing Spotlight. We discussed how Siren navigates the highly regulated world of pharmaceutical marketing and how using Continuous RM can reap rewards.

Specifically, we talked about the results of a microtargeted campaign we did for one of our clients.  They had a product enhancement for their therapy which would  directly benefit a small segment of their user base.  Because we could identify some of this group within our list (based on information we had gathered over the course of our relationship) we were able to design a message that would speak directly to them.  We also sent a general announcement to the rest of the list.  The results were fantastic.

Listen to the podcast for the details.

This blog post was contributed by Danielle Jamil, Manager of CRM Programs, Siren Interactive.

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