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The convergence of rare disease, digital communications, and pharmaceutical marketing communications


  • Wendy White

    Senior Vice President, Rare Diseases
    Dohmen Life Science Services

    Since founding Siren Interactive in 1999, Wendy has been recognized as a thought leader at the intersection of niche pharma brands, patient empowerment and online marketing. Her vision for how the internet can facilitate interactions and provide crucial information that patients, caregivers and their healthcare providers previously struggled to find has propelled Siren to the forefront of relationship marketing for rare disorder therapies.

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  • Suzanne Tsuchiya


    Suzanne is responsible for directing client strategy, building effective relationships, identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, and overseeing Siren’s existing client base. She also leads the account, creative, development, and new business teams at Siren. Her extensive pharma background has equipped her with an acute understanding of how client goals align with Siren’s capabilities.

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  • Frieda Hernandez

    VP Business Development

    Frieda leads Siren’s business development, marketing and alliance activities. She has a reputation for developing innovative marketing strategies and building mutually beneficial client partnerships with biopharmaceutical executives. She advocates for authenticity and transparency in creating trust relationships online and is an avid participant in industry conferences and social networks to stay abreast of all the current issues.

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  • Pamela Todd

    Senior Content Strategist

    Pam’s extensive work in online intelligence, competitive analysis and audits allows her to provide clients with insights into their audiences’ needs and preferences. She puts those insights to work in creating and implementing user-centric, interactive content strategies to reach targeted patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

  • Neil Rubenstein

    Senior Manager of Media Integration and Management

    Neil has more than 15 years of experience in integrated marketing and analytics across a number of different industries. Neil is responsible for online advertising, analytics, and measurement across all Siren clients. Part of his job is to ensure that all online advertising is implemented with analytics and measurement in mind. Neil is passionate about using the internet and social media to encourage deeper relationships with patients, caregivers, and HCP’s.

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  • Stephanie McDonald

    Assistant to the President

    As Assistant to the President, Stephanie interfaces with all the departments at Siren. She has been with Siren for over five years and has a background in marketing, logistics and business development. Stephanie has an MBA from the University of Illinois.

  • Kyle Knox

    Senior Web Developer

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