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Pharma: Educate, So You Can Sell

Posted by | 1:47pm on Friday, November 19, 2010
Keep Calm and Educate

I'm assuming they are referring to brand sites where the focus is on specific treatments 

Only 11% of U.S. consumers seeking medical advice regularly turn to pharmaceutical websites according to an Accenture survey. Results show that 92% of people who go online for health information look to other online resources more frequently. These resources include medical, social media and informational websites.

This doesn’t seem like news to me.

I haven’t see the full study of 852 people, but for me, the key phrase in the press release is: “11% of survey respondents saying they most often use a pharmaceutical company’s website…” It makes sense that patients and caregivers would most often turn to other resources for medical information, not a pharmaceutical site.  By “pharmaceutical company’s website” I’m assuming they are referring to brand sites where the focus is on specific treatments. Naturally, brand.coms are supplemental to patient organization, medical and government sites.  I think they can be very important resources, but play a supporting role. What do you think?

Pharma companies have also developed unbranded disease education sites which provide information on more than just products and treatment. By offering education and support, which engenders trust, a company can build an ongoing relationship with patients.  Plus, this can encourage adherence. This softer approach, as opposed to the hard sell, is increasingly what patients are demanding.

As I was writing this post, I saw a similar conversation going on as part of John Mack’s blog.  Fard Johnmar also offers a different perspective on Path of the Blue Eye.

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