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SEM: Technical Matchmaking

Posted by | 11:37am on Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SEM through optimization and paid search campaigns for chronic and niche disease states turns out be be a great way to do patient recruitment. 

SEM through optimization and paid search campaigns for chronic and niche disease states turns out be be a great way to do patient recruitment. There are two major challenges in this area, the first is reaching niches markets, and the second is creating a trust so that patient recruitment is possible.

Finding patients in niche markets is difficult, but the online channel provides opportunities. One of these opportunities is doing paid search campaigns:

Adding to a paid search campaign, branded websites should be organized around organic search engine terms. This is a pull technique instead of a push. By providing good, relevant information organized around the user, technology can serve as the matchmaker — putting the best drug information in front of the patients who need it most. These are then viewed as resources, not ads. They build trust through transparency and provide many opportunities for high levels of engagement.

Newly diagnosed – represent 5% of overall health seeker population, but 40% of the overall web traffic. They search intensively and cover a lot of ground in the first few weeks following initial diagnosis. So if a brand is not visible online for the newly diagnosed they are missing a golden opportunity to be the to tell their story to the patient population hungry for information.

The chronically ill – represent 35% of the overall health seeker population, but 50% of the web traffic. They search regularly for new treatments and information, and are very active with groups and list-servs.

As we move into the future with more personalized medicine, the need for good SEO will only increase. Already, niche markets are growing faster than rest of market: Overall growth is slower (5-6% in ’08) but niche products and specialty pharma is growing at 14-15% in ’08.

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