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What Patient-Centricity Means to Marketers

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Nothing about us without us 

In 2011, when Lilly and Disney teamed up to create a series of books for kids with type 1 diabetes, they chose to distribute them exclusively through doctors’ offices. That changed after a meeting with the online diabetes community last May, according to Medical, Marketing and Media.

The books were being distributed through pediatric endocrinologists’ offices.  But the diabetes bloggers pointed out that many caregivers were receiving treatment through a pediatrician or adult primary care doctor.

To make things simpler, Lilly and Disney decided to digitize the books and offer them on a website, t1everydaymagic.com; along with recipes for families with type 1 diabetes and a collection of patient story videos. Coco and Goofy’s Goofy Day is available complete with an audio read-along and there are more books coming soon. 

Good for Lilly and Disney for listening to the community and good for you if you keep this lesson in mind as you plan how you’re going to spend your budget in 2014. Patient centricity means putting patient needs and preferences not only at the center of treatment development, but also at the center of your marketing strategy, content creation, touch point mapping, and your plans for creating new resources.

Writing on the ePatient blog last November, Casey Quinlan proposed the following manifesto for the ePatient movement:

Nothing about us without us. If you’re planning a healthcare industry event that is focused on patient engagement, patient-centered design, patient-centered care, patient-centered technology, or touches on patient care in any part of the healthcare setting or system, you have to include patients on your program or be judged ‘Patients Excluded.’”

Here are some ways you can place yourself firmly in the “patients included” camp. Read More


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