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New Data on Physicians, Search & YouTube

Posted by | 3:47pm on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

32% of physicians click on paid search first when looking for clinical and treatment information 

The Manhattan Research-Google Physician Channel Adoption Study 2012 reinforces what we already know–that physicians use general search engines for clinical information. They learned that 84% of physicians use search engines daily for information for their practice, while 94% of physicians say that Google is their search engine of choice. Through our experience at Siren, we know that physicians rely heavily on search and biopharmaceutical websites for information about rare disease diagnosis and treatment with orphan drugs.

According to this study, physicians used a general search engine to look for clinical and treatment information in the following situations:

  • 60% when a patient requests more info during a consult
  • 58% after a patient reported a drug side effect
  • 57% after a patient requested a specific drug
  • 51% when a new drug is approved

If patients are empowered to ask for a drug, the physician will then often go online, so brands should be ready.

Paid search makes an impact
The research found that 32% of physicians click on paid search first when looking for clinical and treatment information on general search engines. This indicates the need to have physician-targeted keywords and paid search ads that lead to the healthcare professionals section of disease and brand websites.

In terms of the growing importance of mobile devices, 47% of physicians have used a general search engine on a smartphone or PDA to find clinical and treatment information. This is just another reason to make sure that paid search ads appear on mobile devices and that sites are mobile-friendly.

Video killed the radio
Video is playing an increasing role in educating both patients and physicians about disease states, new therapies and adherence. With YouTube dominating the video landscape, brand managers should consider utilizing video and a YouTube channel.

Of the physicians surveyed, 44% watch YouTube for professional purposes. The research found that physicians watch an average of 3 hours of online video per week for professional purposes including 40% watching demos of medical procedures and 37% viewing presentations from key opinion leaders.

The study determined that physicians are interested in watching:
• 26% info about a specific prescription drug or treatment
• 29% video clips to show patients

There’s an opportunity to use video to inform physicians on prescription therapies, especially using key opinion leaders, and to provide education for their patients. What do you think about this data?

(Image courtesy of hobvias sudoneighm on Flickr).

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