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Don’t Forget the CRM Basics: Timing Is Everything

Posted by | 3:50pm on Thursday, July 22, 2010

Delivering relevant content in a timely manner reaps big emarketing rewards. 

Last week I wrote about the importance of paying attention to the details in your email communications and to always test. And test again. Today, I want to talk about how knowing your audience and delivering relevant and timely content to their inbox can result in big loyalty gains.

The day after my aforementioned email incident, I received an email of a different color. While it wasn’t explicitly personalized, it spoke to me so directly I couldn’t help but respond. For those of you who don’t know, our beloved Chicago Blackhawks brought home the Stanley Cup after a 49 year hiatus. As a life-long Chicagoan with many memories of going to games in Chicago Stadium and the United Center, my blood was pumping Blackhawks Red along with the rest of the city.

On Friday, June 11 the Blackhawks were celebrated with a parade and rally that brought an estimated 2 million people to the city to welcome the Cup home. On that same day I received the following email from a national chain customized to the local level:

customized email subject line

customized email

The basic lesson? Timing is everything. They knew their audience and played up the pride that was the heart of the city that day. Delivering relevant content in a timely manner reaps big emarketing rewards.

The free coffee doesn’t hurt, either.

This blog post was contributed by Danielle Jamil, Strategic Planner – CRM at Siren Interactive.

(Image courtesy of TheBlackhawksGirl on Flickr)

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