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CRM Basics: Know Your Audience & Test, Test, Test!

Posted by | 10:06am on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pay attention to how you are talking, and connecting, with your customers. 

Working on customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives has me digging into the details on our customers (patients and healthcare professionals) on a daily basis. I get to ask myself questions like: How are they grouping? What behaviors indicate future results? What do we REALLY know about them? How can we best deliver what they are looking for?

And then, I get socked with a simple reality check: don’t forget the basics.  Pay attention to how you are talking, and connecting, with your customers.

In this age of personalized, one-to-one communications, I expect that all the emails that make it through my SPAM filter will be addressed to me. If not, they at least provide content that I would like to read. Imagine my horror when I received an email last week with the following intro text.
Dear {{First Name:default=Fellow Marketer},

OUCH. My heart broke for my ‘Fellow Marketer.’ I know how easily a simple typo in setup can create these errors, but I also know that is why you really need to pay attention to the basics. Funny, I haven’t read the rest of that email. I couldn’t get past that simple error.

The Devil is in The Details
A few hours later, I received another message from the same gentleman with the subject line “Apology”. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t resist reading it. One part of me took pause for the acknowledgement of the error to the reader base – does it draw attention to it when it may have gone unnoticed previously? But, knowing their target market, I’m sure they realized that we ALL had caught it. The content of the email was the same, with this added intro text:

Apology email

I’m curious to see the open rates on these two email blasts. I’d bet money that the second far outperformed the first on opens. But, was the mea culpa enough to reignite the trust that translates to clicks? With this audience, I bet the honesty and humor won more than it lost.

The basic lesson? Test! Test! Test!

Know Your Audience
But, the bigger lesson to me is that fact that they took the time to realize WHO they were talking to and made the decision to reach out to us again and own up to the details they missed. Knowing their audience turned a potentially tragic campaign into a big win.

Check this blog next week for Part 2 when I’ll talk about timing.

This blog post was contributed by Danielle Jamil, Strategic Planner – CRM at Siren Interactive.

(Image courtesy of multiphrenetic on Flickr)

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  • http://pharmastrategyblog.com sally church

    Oddly, I got an email this afternoon from somoene wanting to take their survey in return for a free book, having listened to their clients webinar the other week.

    However, it was a classic case of #emailfail since it was addressed to:

    Dear 40359.5368408912 40359.5368408912,

    Now, before you all think it was from a Swiss Bank, it was a market research company.

    No, I didn’t feel like doing their survey after that :-)


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