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Branding Benefit of the New Twitter Profile Page

Posted by | 1:54pm on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

adopt the new Twitter profile page format 

Twitter recently announced and is slowly launching a new profile page to all Twitter users. As a personal user, the change is a bit ho-hum and not all that meaningful. However, from a business or brand perspective, the change is a little more interesting. The reality is that most people spend significantly more time viewing their Twitter stream than a personal or business profile page.

When someone is researching a brand or business, that brand has only a few seconds to create a meaningful impression so that the person will want to continue engaging with the brand.

The new Twitter profile page showcases a larger cover photo (up to 1,500 x 1,500 pixels) which can more clearly illustrate your brand’s look and feel. The profile picture is also larger at 400 x 400 pixels. This also provides a larger space to display your logo for example. The original profile picture size (in particular) often required shrinking a logo to fit in the space which may have caused the company tag line part of the logo to be removed. This can be revisited now.

Since you only have a few seconds to create enough of an impact to hopefully elicit future engagement, the final key change is possibly the most important. This change allows you to pin a tweet to the top of the profile page similar to what Facebook allows on pages and groups. This enables you control the first message a visitor sees without having to pay for an ad.

Now may be the time to adopt the new Twitter profile page format before it’s mandated. I would also encourage a communication plan around pinned tweets to ensure that the first message someone sees on your Twitter profile page remains relevant and fresh.

Image courtesy of Rosaura Ochoa on Flickr Creative Commons.

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