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Beyond E-Harmony – Can Customer Relationship Marketing Bring You a Life-long Relationship?

Posted by | 3:56pm on Friday, April 17, 2009

Our basic definition of CRM, simply put, is managing customer interactions at every opportunity by offering value and engagement. 

Tanika Craig, Account Manager at Siren Interactive, contributes this post:

There is no greater joy in marketing than reaping the benefits of your hard work.  And that benefit is customer loyalty.  How can creating a customer relationship marketing (CRM) plan reap customer loyalty to your organization?

First, you are probably wondering what Customer Relationship Marketing really means.  After all, every organization has been defining it differently these days!  That’s essentially why I decided to communicate on this very topic.  Not only are there so many definitions, there are many different steps to achieve it.  It’s like watching HGTV in search of a color to paint a room.  Not only are there way too many colors to choose from, but there are tons of painting techniques.  How would one decide?  So to help alleviate some confusion, here’s a simple definition and some simple steps I think we can all understand and agree on.

It starts with a simple definition
Our basic definition of CRM, simply put, is managing customer interactions at every opportunity by offering value and engagement. It’s certainly reciprocal but that covers the basic sentiment.  I know there are a lot of other definitions out there, and I would like to hear yours.

Our simple steps
Check out the steps we think every powerhouse organization should follow to create customer loyalty:

  • Have a great product or service to offer
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Ask the customer for feedback
  • Offer the customer the option to select and receive updates on what interests them most
  • Make sure you track the customer’s behavior to keep the dialogue going
  • Offer them continued value

The key is to Keep It Simple (KISS), albeit it is easier said than done.  So here’s your opportunity to share.  If you currently have a life-long relationship you’d like to talk about, we’re certainly interested in hearing!

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