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Best of SirenSong 2008

Posted by | 2:46am on Thursday, January 1, 2009

We have seen great strides forward in health care and marketing this year and I expect to see many more in 2009. 

HopeThe final day of 2008 is a time for reflection. We have seen great strides forward in health care and marketing this year and I expect to see many more in 2009.

As a personal example, this blog has served as an outlet for me to share my thoughts and observations about the intersection of health care, marketing, and the internet. I think we are in a dynamic and exciting time – one in which we can make lasting, positive change in the lives of patients and their physicians as well.

I started this blog on January 4, 2008; almost exactly one year ago. In my first post, I voiced my beliefs:

“Pharma marketers are in a uniquely powerful place as a highly regulated industry with essential information to become a trusted source online – a radical idea – if they embrace…ideas like transparency, communities, and citizen scientists/doctors.”

I still believe in the truth of those words and can’t wait to learn more with you in 2009.

But, in this spirit of reflection, I also wanted to remind you of some of the better SirenSong posts from 2008 – some of them popular, some particular helpful, and some just personal favorites.

I look forward to our shared advancements in the coming year.

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