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Social Media and Search

Posted by | 3:51pm on Thursday, September 17, 2009 | No Comments

But with the rise of Web 2.0, social media sites present a valuable opportunity that goes beyond traditional search. 

Soyoon Bolton, Content Strategist at Siren Interactive, contributes this post:

Recently, I posted an update on my Facebook profile asking my fellow Facebook friends for book recommendations instead of doing a general Google search for recent book reviews. Likewise, I notice people are more frequently searching for information and recommendations from others on social media sites — from searching LinkedIn for job opportunities to searching Facebook for apartments or subletters.

Not only is social media a great communications tool, but its real-time search capabilities also help people find exactly what they’re looking for. In fact, some social media sites are starting to surpass traditional search engines for specific information — more people are going directly to YouTube to find a particular video than searching for it on Yahoo. Many social media sites are also intertwined with each other, making search more productive and further increasing user engagement. For instance, you can post a message, or “tweet”, on Twitter, which in turn can feed automatically into a Facebook status. Easily, you can receive replies from both channels. As more people connect with each other via social media, these networks are proving to be extremely efficient in helping people obtain the information they seek.

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