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Life According to Sam Exemplifies the Power of Caregivers

Posted by | 9:24am on Friday, November 1, 2013 | 9 Comments

When there is no therapy for a disease and very little is even known about the disease itself, it is often the parents or caregivers who lead the charge 

When a rare disease project gets mainstream attention, it’s a big deal. Exposure to a wider audience can make a huge difference for patients, caregivers, and all other members of a given disease community. So we were excited to see that Life According to Sam, the documentary that made such an impression at the Sundance Film Festival, is now showing on HBO

Life According to Sam is a documentary film that tells the story of Sam Berns, a 16-year-old afflicted by progeria, an extremely rare condition that causes young people to prematurely experience the symptoms of old age. Read More

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