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CRM Redefined as Continuous Relationship Marketing

Posted by | 7:14pm on Friday, February 4, 2011 | No Comments

it’s about developing and nurturing long-lasting relationships through trust 

You may be familiar with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a common strategy to support the business-customer relationship. However, many businesses make the mistake of implementing CRM programs by throwing money into the backend software and technology without a plan, and then sitting back and expecting results. Although the technology behind data collection is important, companies often neglect the most critical component: the development of a strategic plan that focuses on building an ongoing relationship with the customer.

Rare disorders marketing, which is characterized by small, unique customer groups, requires much more than managing communications – it’s about developing and nurturing long-lasting relationships through trust. This calls for a redefinition of CRM as Continuous Relationship Marketing: a new and unique communication strategy that is critical to success in the rare disorders space, where each customer is unique and valuable.

Recently, Katie Mihelich and I met with PharmaVOICE and we discussed this new definition and specifically how it can be used to build relationships with (and market to) the rare disorder community. Listen to our podcast, Redefining CRM, and you’ll walk away with some best practices and insights. For more detail, download our whitepaper, 3 Critical Elements of CRM in Rare Disorder Marketing, too.

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