A blog exploring pharmaceutical relationship marketing, emarketing and innovation with a focus on rare disorders.
The convergence of rare disease, digital communications, and pharmaceutical marketing communications

About Me

Hi, I’m Wendy White. I founded Siren Interactive in 1999 as a general market web design company. Realizing many people out there could handle the underlying technology on the web, I quickly brought on healthcare specialists and narrowed our scope to concentrate on emarketing strategy within the healthcare industry. We now have many years under our belt helping life science and pharma brands with their online reputations.

I’ve also spoken all across the country on technology-enabled marketing, search engine marketing, and results-oriented marketing. I also keep busy as:

  • a trustee of the Boys and Girls Club
  • a trustee of the Union League Club of Chicago
  • an elder in the Presbyterian church
  • both President Elect of the Chicago chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), and as their Director of Internet Initiatives

I’m always scanning the horizon in order to adapt to the constantly shifting online landscape. I’m not a futurist; I think to fully understand the potential and value of the opportunities the internet offers you have to look for context. You have to understand our past and our present. There are not many really “new” ideas in the world. The trick is to see clearly how technology lets us transform, speed up or elevate what we already know how to do.

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