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5 Questions for e-Patient Dave

Posted by | 2:46pm on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Having faced death, Dave asked himself what he’d do with his “free replay” in life. 

If you haven’t heard of Dave deBronkart, popularly known as e-Patient Dave, you soon will. Diagnosed in 2007 with Stage IV, Grade 4 kidney cancer, Dave learned it had metastasized to both lungs, several bones, his tongue, and his median survival time was 24 weeks. Using the Internet, he learned everything he could, joined an expert patient group on ACOR, built a social network on CaringBridge and shared his online medical records with anyone who could help.

He beat the odds.

Having faced death, Dave asked himself what he’d do with his “free replay” in life. He became a healthcare blogger and joined the e-patient movement, where he’s one of the most outspoken advocates for patient engagement. He has been featured in US News & World Report, Time, Health Leaders and interviewed on CNN.com. Dave is also a Founding Co-Chair of the Society for Participatory Medicine and has a healthcare consulting practice.

e-Patient Dave recently spoke at CBI’s eMarketing event with Wendy White, Founder & President of Siren Interactive, and I took the opportunity to ask him 5 questions.

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