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No matter what stage you’re at in the product life cycle, we have what it takes to build your brand. We apply our unmatched knowledge of rare disease marketing to every step of a product’s development, from clinical trials to adherence.

Our approaches are just as rare as we are

Everything we do for our biopharmaceutical clients originates from a strategic approach focused on engaging a rare disorder target audience to achieve specific results. All of our work is customized to meet or exceed measurable goals. The following are some of the proprietary orphan drug marketing services and techniques that we use to help drive new patient starts and lifelong adherence to rare disorder therapies.

  • MicroTargetingSM

    MicroTargetingSM is a market intelligence and marketing service to find rare disease/disorder patients and caregivers online; furthermore, reaching them with relevant information that addresses their unmet needs in the right place and at the right time.

  • Rare Online

    Rare Online IntelligenceSM helps us identify the unmet needs of rare disease/disorder patients and caregivers, and provides insight into how they perceive their disease and treatment options. This market research service also notes the language used in online conversations. This information is integral to developing search and social media strategies, along with relevant messages and compelling opt-in content that delivers value to patients and caregivers.

  • ShareworthynessSM

    ShareworthynessSM represents the value of content that is shared online by rare disease/disorder patients and caregivers. This consulting service supports sharing content, which is the foundation of social media and is at the core of online patient communities. Content that is shared peer-to-peer helps to validate the information.

  • TrustMetricsSM

    TrustMetricsSM measures and analyzes online engagement of rare disease/disorder patients and caregivers with content that addresses their need for information and support. It measures the number and frequency of patients and caregivers accessing a client’s online information and resources. Relevant content is valued, and the source of the content earns acceptance and trust. Monitoring levels of engagement and adjusting as necessary throughout the program ensures that benchmark goals are met and overall marketing objectives are achieved.

  • InnovationPharmSM

    InnovationPharmSM is an ongoing series of workshops and seminars that serve as a platform for learning and interacting with guest presenters including rare disease/disorder patients, advocates, healthcare professionals, and biopharmaceutical leaders. The objective is to establish an open dialogue to discuss industry challenges and identify new opportunities and solutions.

Our capabilities:
What can we do for you?

We offer a full spectrum of services, from refined content strategies to our wide-ranging design and web development capabilities. We approach brand development with the goal of supporting our clients throughout every phase of a rare disease product’s lifecycle.


Siren initiates patient engagement long before the product hits the market. We begin by conducting Rare Online IntellgenceSM, which helps us comprehensively analyze the landscape of a specific rare disease community and gain a firm grasp on patient motivations, behaviors, and unmet needs. We then emphasize disease awareness and education among patients and healthcare professionals, knowing that greater understanding of a disease leads to more diagnoses, and more diagnoses lead to more patient starts. We assist our clients with recruiting patients for clinical trials, and fostering relationships with patients to establish trust and reputation leading up to launch.

Product Launch

Following the launch of a product, Siren helps develop the brand and position it for success. Personalized support programs are 1 of our favorite tools for continuously engaging patients and supporting them as they navigate life with their disease. By keeping a pulse on patients’ attitudes and the challenges they face, we are able to consistently supply them with relevant content and resources that are tailored to their specific needs. From digital sales aids to advertising and PR, Siren spreads the word about branded products among patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the general population.

Lifecycle Management

A new patient start is a good thing. Lifelong treatment adherence is a great thing. We strive to increase patients’ loyalty to a product by always providing value and support. Adherence programs ensure that the disease community is educated on the importance of proper treatment management. Once a patient starts using a specific product, we want them to continue using it throughout their life, so we target unique barriers to adherence as a crucial issue. Our CRM campaigns help to retain solid ongoing relationships with patients and healthcare professionals. We strategically segment and maintain opt-in, permission databases through the lifecycle, and we consistently communicate relevant messaging for our brands as they mature over time.

Our thought leadership:
At the forefront of rare thinking

Siren has a lot of ideas about rare disease marketing and sometimes we just can’t help but share them with the world. Here are some of the ways you can tap our brains and see what we’ve been thinking.

Workshops and Seminars

InnovationPharmSM is an ongoing series of workshops and seminars that serve as a platform for learning and interacting with guest presenters including rare disease patients, advocates, healthcare professionals, and biopharmaceutical leaders. The objective is to establish an open dialogue to discuss industry challenges and identify new opportunities and solutions.


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